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With 21 separate joints - including double joints at knees and elbows - Senson bring natural posability to a new level. They love to be played with and posed - not just displayed - which is why they're constructed of durable lightweight vinyl. Their natural-looking hair, adorable faces, and stylish clothing accessories are designed to delight collectors of all ages.

These new ball-jointed dolls are sculpted, molded, painted, and masterfully finished. Airbrush and hand painting of facial features are all done with infinite care and attention to detail. All work is done under one roof under stringent ISO 9001 standards of excellence - a rare thing indeed in the doll industry

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2010 Senson - All dolls have changeable eyes and wigs!

Pepper SRP $190 Our Price $149.00 $125.00  

Pepper is the picture of stylish youth. She is wearing a hip, sleeveless, cowel neck, zip front, crackle-dyed romper; printed short skirt accessorized with a belt with a sliding metallic buckle. Her stylish zip ankle boots are made of purple PU leather. Pepper stands 12" tall with blue plastic eyes and facial features handpainted by master artisans. 100% Japanese synthetic fiber in dark brown, with a hand knotted part, create her bob hairstyle.

Saffron SRP $190 Our Price $149.00 $125.00

Ready to see the town? Saffron is. She is wearing a short-sleeve long T-shirt with pockets over printed leggings with a belt made of PU leather. She is sporting open toe ankle sandals that are made of denim. Comfort is the name of the game. Beautiful shoulder length auburn hair, made of 100% Japanese sythetic fiber, tops her 12" tall frame. Saffron has handpainted facial features and green plastic eyes. With twenty-one points of articulation, she is easily posed and ready to go!

Cinnamon SRP $190 Our Price $149.00 $125.00

Cinnamon is wearing a long white sleeveless T-shirt, patterned leggings made of black cotton jersey and open toe and back ankle boots made of white PU leather. She has twenty-one points of articulation and stands 12 inches tall. This youthful figure is topped with long flowing brown hair made of 100% Japanese synthetic fiber, hazel eyes and handpainted facial features.
2009 Senson With 21 separate joints - including double joints at knees and elbows - these dolls are not strung as other BJD's, but have mechanical jointing for superb natural posing.

Tori SRP $180 Our Price $125.00 $110.00

Tori is a 12-inch vinyl ball-jointed doll.  Her long dark blonde hair is center parted and she has blue acrylic eyes and natural lashes. Tori wears a tie-dyed tee shirt under a short brown sweater with a small zipper.  Her gold-flecked denim capris  have a gold trim and a belt. Sneaker shoes complete her outfit. 

Lucy SRP $180 Our Price $125.00 $110.00

Lucy's waist-length mane of flowing black hair and masterfully hand-painted facial features are the perfect complement to the willowy 12 inch-tall physique of a confident young woman. Like her sisters, her master-crafted injection-molded body features twenty-one points of articulation for an appealing degree of posability. Her stylish red brocade two-piece dress features a crop top, short sleeves, frog closures, and a contemporary mid-leg length bubble skirt. Her black velvet slippers add a traditional Chinese flair.

Lori SRP $180 Our Price $125.00  $110.00

Lori proudly stands 12" high, with a graceful physique, waist-length wavy synthetic auburn hair, and facial features handpainted by master artisans. Twenty-one points of articulation give her an appealing degree of posability. Her long-sleeved white brocade blouse with its high collar and billowy sleeves under a Greek key-pattern black brocade jumpsuit with fashionably wide legs give her a distinctive Chinese arts & crafts look. Her exquisitely detailed black basket-weave lace-up pumps add a dash of contemporary style. 

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